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                        The best small portable air conditioner on the market

                        work with 24V power source, 6.4kg net weight easy to carry with your camping tent.
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                        ABOUT US

                        Coolingstyle was founded in 2013, we are specialized in the development of micro-miniature refrigerating system. Such as portable air conditioner, personal cooling system, We are created to serve a global market for small and lightweight thermal management systems.

                        We design and manufacture high quality, competitively-priced rotary compressors and microclimate cooling system for use in commercial/industrial, personal cooling, electronics cooling, medical cooling and portable appliances.

                        We have experience, competence and innovation for the highest standards in industry, research and development. For more than 5 years, we continue as one of the China leading experts for microclimate temperature control systems. Our high-quality products, systems and solutions have markedly influenced the development and progress of microclimate temperature control.

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